Rotary Club of Claremont

Rotary Club of Claremont meets every Tuesday evening. A club of professional men and women who, as Rotarians, give back to society by using their professional skills and resources.

We are one of the largest clubs in our district and this enables us to support a broad range of organisations and communities within the greater Cape Town area.  We are a family of dedicated people, who share a passion for community service and friendship and TOGETHER, WE work hard to impact the lives of South Africans.

our focus areas

investing in young lives

Early Childhood Development

The INJONGO PROJECT is our Early Childhood Development project. We upgrade Educare schooling facilities, so they can qualify to receive government subsidies and become self sustainable.

Supporting our Youth

We have the privilege of making numerous projects possible that support young lives. Of the many projects that we invest in, the majority of them are projects that improve future life outcomes of our youth. 

Mothers and Children

We focus on ensuring that mothers and their children can live and grow stronger. Our investments in this area include creating safe environments for abandoned, abused and neglected children & babies.

investing in Communities

Supporting the Elderly

We get involved in elderly support, from taking them for a fun night out, to making sure they live in safe and secure homes. 

Supporting the Disabled

We assist various organizations in developing the full potential of quadriplegics and paraplegics. 

Outreach Programmes

We are delighted to help make numerous Outreach Projects possible, by financially assisting +30 smaller Rotary clubs. We have invested more than R 1.5 million in this way over the past few years.

the injongo project

Our INJONGO PROJECT focuses on providing the communities of Philippi and Masiphumelele with fully functioning Early Childhood Development centres – to ensure a high quality of educational support for young children.

We enable these centres to achieve and maintain registration for government subsidies, by upgrading the facilities and bringing them in line with the required regulations.

Over the past few years and with significant financial support from Lewis Group, we have upgraded over 60 Educare centres – with a total investment of R18 million.

The INJONGO project is currently the largest of its kind in South Africa.

our impact

since 2014

R 0 million
total investment in our communities
+ 0
number of projects and donations
+ 0
number of communities assisted



... of funds received from the
Cape Town Cycle Tour
are invested into community
projects and initiatives.

We receive the majority of our funding from our association with the Cape Town Cycle Tour, and generous donations from corporate donors like Southey Contracting.

HELP US ... to invest in young lives and communities and TOGETHER, WE will make a difference